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Post-amusement park breakdown, with red wine accompaniment

So we’re back. We spent yesterday at Disney World and today at Universal Studios. I’m sitting up late listening to Ani DiFranco (yeah, you heard me, pal) and drinking my second glass of red wine. I’m also dead tired, though … Continue reading

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Today Mia and I headed down to Florida to visit my dad. The last time I took her to Florida was back in 2004; she was four years old. This time we’re going to do it right: Disney World tomorrow, … Continue reading

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A New Orleans memory: the shapeshifter

It was a weeknight at the Avenue Pub. I was behind the bar and the usual crowd was there: Monte, Maura, Neal, Jim, and a few servers from Bravo and Houston’s, the restaurants across the street. Not to mention the … Continue reading

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Father Geek

I don’t think Mia realizes what I’m doing to her. That’s probably a good thing. By the time she does, she’ll be too wrapped up in the latest Fantasy Flight boardgame or the newest Marvel comics crossover event to be … Continue reading

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Writing around the heart

The problem with writing about raw emotion is that feelings keep getting in the way. A couple weeks ago, Lucius Shepard posted this question to his Facebook profile: “I rarely write about stuff that’s going on in my head at … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasures: The Warhammer 40K fiction of Dan Abnett

They come in big, bulky paperback collections, each one about as thick as a Manhattan phonebook, each one containing three or four novels and sometimes a smattering of short stories. The covers are garish and bold: striding soldiers wearing ornate … Continue reading

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Leviathan 5 is coming

Jeff and Ann VanderMeer are gearing up for the fifth volume in the astonishing Leviathan series of anthologies. All four volumes occupy a position of pride on my shelves. It is through these books that I first encountered the beautiful … Continue reading

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The Cannibal Priests of New England, part one

1. Tortuga, 1662 Palm trees heaved in the night wind. Between them he made out a heavy layer of stars, like a crust of salt on heaven’s hull.  A briny stink filled the air, reminding him of how very far … Continue reading

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A brief introduction to the cannibal priests

I’m going to try an experiment. I’m going to write a serial on this blog. I tend to be a very methodical writer. I revise as I write, which can make the completion of a story a slow process. I … Continue reading

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Today has been a slog. I’m throwing words down and hoping they make sense. I’m not sure they do. This post, for example, is comprehensible to me as I write it, but I’m not entirely convinced it won’t appear to … Continue reading

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